An Eastern Massachusetts girls lacrosse league, comprised of 19 organizations from 22 towns along the RT 128 and RT 2 corridors.

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3-Pass Rule - For 3rd/4th & 5th/6th Grade Games

No player may shoot until her team has attempted or completed three passes. (Minor Foul)
  1. The goalie clear is counted as one pass. If the ball is played back to the goalie the pass count is reset to one.
  2. A pass or attempt is counted when the receiver gains control of the ball (not when the passer throws it).
  3. If a team loses the ball in their attacking half but recovers before the ball crosses into their defensive half, they retain any accumulated pass count.
  4. Umpires (not coaches) are responsible for audibly counting pass completions. Avoid saying “you may shoot” or “go to goal”. Simply say “you have three passes”.
  5. After a save, if the goalie's clear is intercepted, the pass count is zero.
NOTE:  Umpires are encouraged to use their judgment in determining what is a legitimate pass in each game.

Revised 3/9/14