An Eastern Massachusetts girls lacrosse league, comprised of 19 organizations from 22 towns along the RT 128 and RT 2 corridors.

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Player Development

The Founders Girls Lacrosse League is in integral part of a girl's introduction to, and development as a lacrosse player. As opportunities continue to proliferate for girls to play competitive lacrosse,  FGLL provides girls of all skill levels the opportunity to improve their play and lacrosse intelligence amongst their friends.

In an age where specialization in sports begins at an early age, FGLL believes that developing "player smarts" includes understanding the requirements of playing a varied set of positions. To the extent possible, we give all players equal exposure to a variety of positions with the goal of teaching the sport and providing a fun experience for all involved.

Developing as a player involves more than just developing skills and being accomplished.  It involves being part of a team and helping your friends and teammates succeed.  The Founders Girls Lacrosse League believes there is great value in providing an environment were girls of differing skills can play together and become a better sportswomen in the process.