An Eastern Massachusetts girls lacrosse league, comprised of 19 organizations from 22 towns along the RT 128 and RT 2 corridors.

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Founders Girls Lacrosse League is first and foremost a development league where girls of various skill levels come together to improve their lacrosse skills. One of those skills is Sportsmanship. FGLL strives to provide an environment where girls can improve their sportsmanship, not only in play against other towns, but by being a strong supporting team member.

FGLL has implemented a Zero Tolerance Policy for misconduct of players, coaches, parents and other followers.

  • FGLL defines misconduct as any action taken by an individual that interferes with the safety and/or sportsmanship of the game, including verbal comments to players, coaches or umpires.
  • The Official Rules for Girl's & Women's Lacrosse, Rule 18E and Rule 19B-2, states that misconduct by team followers may result in a yellow or red card assessed to the coach. These carding procedures culminate in the suspension of the coach or team follower and ultimately could result in a forfeit of the game.
  • The umpire shall report penalties assessed for misconduct to the FGLL Competition Committee.
  • Town Directors are encouraged to email their coaches after each week’s game to gather quick feedback on the game including any incidents of misconduct. 
  • Questions or concerns about incidents should be raised with the appropriate Town Director or the FGLL Competition Committee. FGLL encourages Town Directors to discuss and resolve any incidents with the coach and/or follower.
  • If Town Directors or the FGLL Competition Committee do not resolve the incident fully and satisfactorily, the Town Directors may then ask the FGLL Board of Directors to review the case. 
  • The FGLL Competition Committee may recommend that the FGLL Board of Directors review incident(s) by an individual or a group of individuals.
  • After any review, the FGLL Board of Directors will have final authority to determine the appropriate course of action by a 2/3 majority vote, including the removal of the offending team or program from the league.
  • The FGLL Competition Committee will consist of the FGLL President, Vice President and one additional Town Director.