An Eastern Massachusetts girls lacrosse league, comprised of 19 organizations from 22 towns along the RT 128 and RT 2 corridors.

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Concussion management

FGLL is very serious about educating players, parents, coaches and officials about concussions.  FGLL will continue to evaluate how best to educate and help its member towns and their players avoid these injuries.  This page will help get you started.


Every year, players of all ages in all sports receive concussion injuries during games and practice. Characterized by an impairment of the brain’s normal function and caused by violent shaking or jarring of the brain, concussions may cause alterations in cognitive function, vision, eye movement, facial movement, or speech. Contrary to popular belief, and despite ongoing design improvements, no helmet in any sport can prevent a concussion.


Concussion Signs and Symptoms: download this document.  


US Lacrosse
has formed a strategic alliance with ImPACT Applications, Inc. (ImPACT) to launch a formal Concussion Management Program for lacrosse players that offers concussion testing, education, awareness, and state-of-the-art standards of care. Four US Lacrosse National Teams (Men’s National Team, Women’s National Team, Men’s U-19 Team, and Women’s U-19 Team) have also
adopted the program. 


A new online resource at
 provides a wealth of concussion information, as well as access to the ImPACT™ Baseline Testing Program, a computerized series of neurocognitive tests that help determine the extent and severity of concussions. This program is designed to help the doctor of an injured player diagnose the severity of a concussion and determine a safe recovery time after which the athlete may return to play. 

The ImPACT™ program, the world’s first and most widely used computerized sports concussion evaluation system, has been utilized throughout professional sports.